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Headlight Protection

Prepare your automobile for the road ahead!

October 04, 2020

Fall is a spectacular time of year filled with a variety of colors as the trees and other plants start to prepare for the coming winter months.

Dried brittle leaves tend to fall everywhere including on our automobiles, although leaves appear harmless, they do have a potential to create scratches in your paint if not removed properly.

Washing your automobile often & by hand & letting the water do most of the work to remove the leaves would be the preferred way since the water will soften the leaves and give a little cushion between the paint and the leaves.

Keeping your automobile waxed every few months will also help, waxes, sealants, & coatings not only add a layer of protection but give your paint a slick surface & less resistance for leaves to slide off easier.

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Headlight Protection

Why Headlight Protection?

February 24, 2020

Headlights are often overlooked until they are already damaged. Protecting headlights if done before damage from light scratches & UV damage is relatively easy and much cheaper than repairing them.

The clear coat on headlights is similar to the clear coat on your cars paint only thinner. Headlight damage can look foggy or hazed look, Scratched, pitted, or even clear coat peel. Damage can start before you even take it off the dealer lot brand new. Aftermarket headlights if left unprotected more than likely be shot in 2 to 5 year from what I have seen.

Headlight damage can prevent your headlights from doing their job properly, since light doesn’t reach out as far out or shine as bright as they should. Restoring headlights can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 per light depending on the amount of time and supplies needed to correct them.

Ceramic protection can help prevent damage call, txt or send a message to schedule a free Estimate.

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Positive Attitude  Snider's Auto Detailing

How Often Should your automobiles Carpets & upholstery be Professionally Cleaned?

February 14, 2020

The carpets and upholstery in your automobile are similar to the carpet and upholstery in your house. Vacuuming isn’t the only thing necessary to maintain your carpet’s life and keep it clean.

Experts advise people to get their carpets & upholstery professionally cleaned at least once a year. Many other aspects need to be taken in to account as well to decide how often you should get your carpets professionally cleaned. Kids, pets, the weather conditions, spills, or accidents will affect how often carpets should be professionally cleaned.

Buying new carpet and having it installed can cost you thousands. Cleaning however will only cost you a few hundred bucks. Keeping your carpet clean will increase the life of the carpet and save you the replacement costs down the road. Cleaning the carpets & upholstery also increases the beauty & value of your automobile and makes you feel better when driving.

Call or txt us to schedule your appointment or for an Estimate.

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Positive Attitude  Snider's Auto Detailing

A clean automobile is the key to living a low stress, positive and, confident lifestyle.

January 8, 2020

Driving around in a clean automobile promotes a confident self-assured positive attitude & also helps reduce stress.

People that spend less time in cluttered, disorganized environments are more likely to lead happier, healthier, less stressful lives.

“When people are placed in cluttered or dirty environments our levels of cortisol rise. Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone” which can be directly linked to depression, tiredness and, lethargy.”

People see nice, clean things in different ways some see it as a status symbol or sense of accomplishment, other see it as being well organized and take pride in what they do.

A clean automobile is the key to living a low stress, positive and, confident lifestyle.

Call or txt us to schedule your appointment or for an Estimate.

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Happy New Year from Snider's Auto Detailing

Happy New Year!

December 31, 2019

Thanks to our new & returning clients 2119 was a fantastic year at Snider’s Auto Detailing.

Providing quality personal detailing without pushy sales tactics is and always will be how we do business.

Thank you to everyone for helping us grow by liking & sharing our Facebook page, and giving us awesome referrals to your friends & family.

Best wishes to everyone in 2020

Thank You!

Rubber Seal Protection

Rubber Seal Protection

November 21, 2019

Winter can be hard on your automobiles rubber door trim. Depending on the type of seal you need different protection, to help prevent doors from freezing shut and to help protect the rubber seals around your door 303 Rubber Seal Protection and Conditioner for Weather Seals will help you out.

Warning: this product is for soft rubber gaskets only not for plastic, painted surfaces, or even hard rubber. Products containing Silicon will cause damage to hard rubber, plastic & other surfaces on your automobile causing them to dry out, crack, or fade. Use as Intended & at your own risk.

Swirl Marks

Why Ceramic Coat your new or used Car or truck?

June  11, 2019

Your Automobile get a lot of abuse from the being out in the elements every day. Here in Indiana the sun gets your car hot enough to cook eggs on in the summer months & freezes it in the winter months. Summer bug guts can eat away or etch into your paint, the sun’s UV rays can fade and discolor your paint. Winter salt can stain your paint, Snow & Ice removal can cause scratches in your paint, even just washing your car can leave fine scratches the end up looking like swirl marks in your paint.

The clear coat on just about every factory paint has gotten thinner and thinner over the years and to top it off it’s not that hard so it is easily damaged. Polishing, wet sanding and compounding can repair some if not all of the damage, simply putting a coat of wax or sealant on top is not going to fix anything. All of these steps do remove some clear coat in the process of repairing the damage some more than other depending on the damage that has been done.

As I said a little while ago your clear coat is already thin and removing some makes it even thinner, so your car or truck can only be corrected so many times before you simply run out of clear coat and needs to be repainted. Waxing a car is relatively inexpensive paint correction on the other had can get costly depending on the amount of damage and the time needed to repair the damage.

Ceramic coating adds a new layer of clear protection on top of your car or trucks clear coat, this new layer is harder than your clear coat. Ceramic coating acts as a sacrificial layer absorbing the damage that would have damaged the clear coat on your car or truck. The damage to the Ceramic coating can be repaired by removing the Ceramic coating instead of removing more clear coat. Ceramic coating protects your car or trucks paint kind of the same way a screen protector protects the screen on your cell phone.

Ceramic coating does cost more than waxing your automobile since the clear coat has to be corrected and prepped before Ceramic coating is applied. Proper correction and prep work is extremely important since anything not corrected before Coating would be amplified and stand out more underneath the Ceramic coating.

Call or text for more information or to schedule a free estimate.

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Mycarfax Auto Detailing

Adding to your Carfax report

June  11, 2019

Did you know you can add info into your Carfax report?

In the Mycarfax app you can add missing serviced items like services you have had done or have done yourself that are missing from your report.

Interior Detailing & Moisture

April  10, 2019

Interior Detailing involves water being from an extractor, steam, or cleaners water is the main ingredient.

I clean seats and carpets first and get fans going as soon as possible while detailing the rest of the interior so it does dry some.

I always recommend letting your car air out completely for a day or so with the windows cracked if you park outside or open if you have a garage. Running the heater and fan will also speed up drying time.

No matter who you have detail your interior please do not just close it up and let it sit, let it air out to prevent moisture buildup, damp or musty smells, or even mold.

Call or txt us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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Cleaning Your Headliner

April  7, 2019

When cleaning your cars headliner, it's best to use as little water as possible. Harsh chemicals and too much water can cause the glue holding the fabric to release & leave your headliner sagging and needing replaced and can cost $300 an up to get replaced.

If a headliner is too dirty, I recommend it be replaced instead of being cleaned.

Call or txt us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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Dealer Protection Coatings

March  22, 2019

I have seen a few of these Dealer Protection Coatings posted & they all seem to say about the same thing. You’re paying for some sort of Insurance not an actual coating. Yes, they do spay or apply something to make it look better but chances are it’s not going to last long.

I know just about every detailer out there is going to tell you the dealer coating is junk and does nothing, but as I said you’re not actually paying for a dealer coating you’re paying for paint & dent insurance.

Is it worth it & does it have value? Well that’s up to you to decide, I think insurance does have some value depending on what is covered and how it’s going to be handled if there is an issue.

Does it compare to System X Ceramic Coatings? No not even close, System X products are an actual coating with superior hydrophobics, gloss, durability and chemical resistance.

Call or txt us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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Washing your car or trucks undercarriage

February  13, 2019

When the weather permits washing your car or trucks undercarriage will help prevent rust. Most car wash places offer undercarriage wash's. Touch less washes are always recommended over brushes or strips.

Automated car wash's

December  16, 2018

Automated car wash's & Improper washing can cause harm to your automobiles paint. Having your exterior Detailed can remove some of these swirls and light scratches, paint correction is another option depending on the amount of damage done.

We also shared a proper car wash video under our Gallery

Selling Your Automobile?

November  29, 2018

Looking to trade in or sell your automobile yourself, you do want to get the most amount of money out of it as you can right?

Whether you’re trading in that car or selling it yourself the cleanliness of your auto gives the buyer a lot of information. People see a clean car and they think it has been well maintained and you cared for, a dirty car they think it has been poorly maintained and is not worth much to you.

Auto dealers know clean cars sell faster and bring more money than they would if they were all beat up and dirty. One of the first things many dealers do is clean the car, this tells them how much they can put into it and how much they can get out of it. Have you ever noticed most cars on the dealer lot are clean?

A buyer’s first impression can make or break a sale, Detailing your car give the buyer the right first impression.

System X Interior

October 15, 2018

System X Interior protects all your interior surfaces like fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl - with a single professional coating product.

Spills and stains clean up easily and quickly. System X Interior is safe, easy to apply, has no odor, water based, and dries quickly. 

When liquids come in contact with System X Interior, the treatment repels the substance and liquids roll off without penetrating or staining the material. Additionally, for materials with an open structure such as plush carpets where liquids are able to penetrate the surface, the coating prevents any penetration of the fibers and permanent staining of the material.

While traditional fabric coatings cause the material to become stiff and scratchy or changes the color and appearance, System X Interior Coating allows the material to breathe, retaining its natural feel and retaining it's original look.

System X Interior forms a strong bond with fibers to prevent removal during cleaning. Liquids are unable to attach or penetrate the fibers and are repelled in droplets.

Interior was developed specifically for automotive, marine, and aircraft fibers, so it out preforms other products formulated for home uses.

Call or txt for more information or to schedule an appointment

Insurance Coverage

September 15, 2018

Did you know your cars System X Professional Ceramic Coating is covered under your insurance policy?

Most Insurance company's cover Professional Ceramic Coating replacement if your car is damaged in an accident. You will have to tell them it's been coated and provide some proof it was indeed coated. You will want to let your body shop know it's been coated as well so they can get an exact match on your cars paint

System X Extreme

August 14, 2018

System X Extreme Ceramic Protection is the perfect or your Boat, Ski, RV, or Trailer giving them the best protection available.

Cooler Fall weather here in Indiana means Boats, Jet Skis and Bikes will soon be put up before the freezing winter weather hits us. Bike riders usually wait until the snow actually hits the ground before putting their bikes away.

Now is the perfect time to schedule your Boat, Ski, RV, Trailer or Bike for detailing and ceramic coating.

What is Paint Correction?

July 15, 2018

Paint Correction is the removal of imperfections in paint that would normally just get covered up with just a polish & wax or some other sort of filler. Imperfections include things like swirl marks & fine scratches, bird dropping etching & acid rain etching, hologramming & buffer trails, and random isolated deep scratches.

Paint Correction is not included with a standard detail job. Your cars paint can be detailed many times over the life of your car but can only be corrected so many times since the correction process removes thin layers of clear coat each time your paint is corrected. How many times your car can be corrected depends on how thick your cars clearcoat is, and on most newer cars that's not a lot.

Paint Correction takes time & skill to be done correctly and is costly. Protect your cars paint before it need corrected with wax, paint sealant, or ceramic coating & use proper washing/ drying.

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