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2020 LOTUS EVORA GT System X Max G+

2020 LOTUS EVORA GT System X Max G+ Protection applied to painted surfaces,  System X Glass & System X Revive for plastic.

What is Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

So What is Ceramic Coating? Unless you have read or heard about it your probably thinking it's some sort of coating for cookware or some other kitchen items. You wouldn't be wrong however we are talking about a different type of ceramic coating one made entirely for automotive application or other painted surfaces.

Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent clear coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant.

Your automobile deserves nothing but the best. That's why owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide choose System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Quite Simply, they trust System X Ceramic Coatings to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness, and brilliance.

System X is SGS tested & Boeing approved.

System X is a CarFax Partner

Car buyers can buy with more confidence knowing that these are vehicles from a previous owner invested in a high level of Professional Paint Protect, and may be willing to pay a premium for them. Car Owners now can also have the peace of mind knowing System X paint protection is documented through the CARFAX flagship Vehicle History Report™ to consumers and the automotive industry.

System X Products are Made In The U.S.A

System X Diamond has a LIFETIME WARRANTY on new cars and up to 8 years on use.



From salt to sand, exhaust, pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture and UV rays, your automobile is vulnerable to numerous types of element-related corrosion. In bonding to the substrate, System X Ceramic Protection provides a ceramic shield that can't be washed off.

Ceramic Coating can keep some contaminants from bonding to your automobile’s paint. Your automobile will be more resistant to staining and etching, provided the contaminant is removed in a timely manner.


The sun is relentless in it's assault on your automobile's appearance. System X Auto Ceramic Protection provides maximum UV ray protection for paint, to prevent unsightly damage associated with aging and fading colors and oxidization.

Insurance Coverage

Most Insurance company's cover Professional Ceramic Coating replacement if your car is damaged in an accident. You will have to tell them it has been been coated and most likely provide some proof it was indeed coated.

You will want to let your body shop know it has been been Ceramic coated as well so they can get an exact match on your cars paint.

About Automotive Paint

Most automotive paint today is two-stage paint that consists of two basic layers first the color and second the clear coat. Automotive clear coat is thin, thickness usually ranges between 1.5 – 2.0 mils (35 – 50 microns). Automotive clear coat rates around  2H -3H On the Mohs Hardness scale (the one where diamond=10)

As you can see automotive clear coat is thin and not very hard. System X Ceramic coatings adds up to 9H hardness and additional layers of clear protection on top of the clear coat.

Clear coat can only be corrected (scratch, swirls, holograms and etchings removed) only so many times before the clear coat fails or becomes to thin and needs repainted.

In simple terms ceramic coating adds a measurable layer of very durable protection over the clear coat or single stage paint to help protect it and make it easier to keep clean.

How to Care for Ceramic Coating

Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle looking fantastic. We recommend using the two bucket wash & rinse be used on all cars with or without paint protection. A total Touch-less car wash is also fine, We however do not recommend roller or brushed car washes on any car coated or not (AKA The Scratch-O-Matic).


A topper product like (System X Renew, Hydrosilex, Reload, Beadmaker, or simpler SI02 products) can be used as well if you feel you need to enhance the hydroponics.

What a Ceramic Coating Does Not Do?

Scratch resistant not Scratch proof

Ceramic coating is harder than your cars clear coat and scratch resistant but it is not indestructible or scratch proof. The Picture is a scratch on a HD motorcycle tank. Had the tank not been coated it would require a repaint, System X Ceramic protected the tank and only needed polished out and re-coated.

Ceramic coating is not a miracle cure and can be scratched and rocks can still chip do damage, it will however help minimize damage and possibly prevent small scratches and rocks from doing damage. 

Water spots

Water spots are basically tiny magnifying glasses and as we learned in school, sun threw a magnifying glass makes things really hot & when the water then dries and leaves behind mineral deposits or an etching. Ceramic Coating will protect your paint as it is intended to do but wile absorbing the damage it will sacrifice the coating and will need re-polished and re-coated. Drying your automobile will help protect the ceramic coating.

Need to Wash

Ceramic Coating keeps your car looking like new with minimal maintenance, not no maintenance. Even with a Ceramic Coating, you will still need to wash your car regularly in order to maintain its look. The benefits of a Ceramic Coating is that cleaning will be easier and you will no longer have to wax your vehicle every few months, eliminating a significant amount of time maintaining your car’s exterior.

Body Shop

I have heard some say ceramic coating is bad news for body shops in repainting.  This however is not the case since ceramic coating is completely removed in the sanding and prep process. System X Ceramics can even be compounded off so they can get an exact color match.


Yes Ceramic Coating if not removed first will make decals hard to put on, System X is extremely slick and in the process of making bugs and tar less prone to stick to your paint it will do the same for decals. Ideally you would want to remove the coating and apply the decal then reapply the coating thus protecting both the paint and the decal.


I have used several different ceramic coatings and I believe System X offers the best performance and durability and maintenance. System X has performed so well that I have dropped all other ceramic coatings from our lineup and exclusively use System X Ceramic Products. New & used automotive dealer applied paint protection, sealants & wax offer a lesser level of protection and durability when compared to System X ceramic paint protection.

I am a Detailer not a professional writer or web designer, I have tried to lay out the information the best I can so you can make an informed decision.

Take some time to do your own research watch videos, read reviews, or whatever so you can to make your own informed decision as to whether ceramic coating is right for you.

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